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Is steve white or black minecraft?
Q. Is Steve white or black in Minecraft? Steve has a darker complexion than Alex …
How do you fix minecraft if the game got messed up because of mods?
delete your.minecraft folder and re-download it from
What server is deathrun on minecraft?
Death Run logo Death Run is a minigame on the Minecraft PC server The Hive …
Where can you but minecraft giftcards?
You can buy minecraft gift codes, from the official minecraft website. The link can be …
Where to get yellow dye in minecraft?
Yellow dye can be found in village mason chests.
Does the minecraft minecraftjar work on xp?
Yes, however, you need to have java installed
Why can't i find ocelots in minecraft?
You have to be 24 blocks away for them to spawn , but if you're …
Where to play minecraft dungeons?
Available digitally from the Xbox Store and with an Xbox Game Pass for PC (beta) …
What do i need to run a minecraft server?
You first need to obtain hardware which will be able to run a minecraft server. …
Can you get minecraft for the wii?
No. The game is only for Xbox 360, PC, Maac, and iOS.
How do you put things in a cauldron in minecraft?
You can use up to three full buckets of water on it, to fill it.
How much does vip cost on hypixel minecraft server?
$25 by default, but with the current sale it is $10.
Can you play minecraft on a mac with pc playersor do i have to go on mac servers?
Yes, Minecraft is written in Java so difference between OS is insignificance. In short it …
How do you install mo' creatures for minecraft 1.1?
You go to %appdata% in start, run then click.minecraft then click bin and open …
Where do you find blue flowers in minecraft?
Blue flowers can only be found when playing with mods or playing Minecraft: Pocket edition.
How do you feed sheep on minecraft pocket edition?
You can't feed sheep or any other animal in pe
How do you create a faction in minecraft?
You must be on a faction server. Then do /f create (name) for more commands …
What do you do if your minecraft says worldedit plugin doesn't work?
Obviously you have single player commands installed, but no big this only means one feature …
How do you update minecraft pe on kindle fire hd?
Update Your Game (Kindle) From the Home screen, tap Apps. Tap Store in the top-right …